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Whether you are new to this or a returning writer, please take a moment to read the following instructions. Thank you for volunteering!















1. Handwrite your postcards legibly. Do not print and paste the script.

2.  Please sign your name, but only use your first name or initials, followed by SW Dems.Club.

4. Only write to each voter once. Do not contact the voters again for any reason. Return the address sheets to us or shred them.

5. Cover addresses before taking photos. If you share digital photos of your cards on social media, always cover voters' addresses.

6. Include all points on the script.

7. Highlight, underline, draw pictures, be creative!

8. Please mail your cards directly to voters if you are donating stamps. Return to your distribution person if stamps are to be added by the club.

9.The first day to mail postcards is August 16. The last day to mail postcards is August 31.

10. If you cannot complete your postcards on time, return them to your distribution volunteer before August 28.

11. Send any questions our way!




Blank side-

Just vote no on the recall

And return your ballot in your signed and dated envelope by Sep. 14

Together we can defeat the Republican recall

Your name,


Address side:


No Recall

To 78654


Voter name


City, State, ZIP

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