Thank you for being part of the next Blue Wave.

Our plan is to get involved wherever and whenever we can to make a real difference.

As the election draws near we hope to GET OUT THE VOTE, promote candidates, support issues, provide voting information, and simply do what we can.

Scroll down for current activities.  This list will change over time.  Some of the activities will be ongoing and long term; others may be short duration.  


GET OUT THE VOTE will be an ongoing postcard writing project.  You will be provided with postcards, pens and a list of addresses.  Postage will also be taken care of, but donations of stamps will be appreciated.

Handwritten postcards are the most effective.  This year's design is as follows:


BACK: Wording to be exact.

Leave room for address and stamp.


For supplies or additional information email Fran Anderson by clicking here.

Once you have signed up, we will make arrangements to deliver a packet of materials to your home.  The packet will contain all the materials you will need, including a set of written directions.  

Work at your own pace.  

.... and again, Thank You!

Democrats of SW Riverside 

PO Box 1199

Murrieta, California 92564