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Each link below will take you to information and projects from around the world to around the corner.  But the message is simple.  We all live here and each of us can do someting.  For an interesting look at the origins of Earth Day from none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson  click here.

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EARTHDAY.ORG’s 2021.  Three days of training, activities; become a citizen scientist, act on plastic. commit an act of green, available on YouTube, Twitter, or Twitch.  So much to see and learn.  Begin by clicking here.


Probably the best known and rightfully so.  There are so many ways to engage.  From writing letters asking President Biden to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, to How to be a Responsible Member of the Interwebs – Green tips for searching, sharing, streaming, coding, dusting, and more.

For much more information click here.

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EarthInitiative is sponsoring a virtual march and Rally, April 18 - 19 With speakers including Elizabeth Warren, Bill Nye the Science Guy, LeAnn Rhymes, and more.  VIrtually visit over 80 vendors.

For much more information click here.

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If you want to get up off the couch and do some hand-on-good the 19th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup on April 24th may be for you.  Last year, volunteers self-reported 15,682 total pounds of litter removed in one day from San Diego County.  Our goal this year is to remove 30,000 pounds of litter in a single day.

For much more information click here.

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Yes, that Almanac!  Still full of useful and interesting information.  This year it includes a useful list of ten things you can do for Earth Day.  You can find that list by clicking here.

For all the rest the almanac has to offer, you can click here.