Thank you for being part of the next Blue Wave.

Our plan is to get involved wherever and whenever we can to make a real difference.

As the election draws near we hope to GET OUT THE VOTE, promote candidates, support issues, provide voting information, and simply do what we can.

Below you will find current activities.  This list will change over time.  Some of the activities will be ongoing and long term; others may be short duration.  


Democratic Candidate

President of the United States

Texting is the latest tool in the campaigning arsenal.  With just your cell phone, you can help put a good man back in the White House.  You can help the Biden campaign by reminding fellow Democrats to be sure to vote.  Use the link below to download the Joe Biden App to your smartphone. This app will show you who the campaign is hoping to talk to in your network. Text with your friends and family on behalf of Joe!

To make phone calls for Joe Biden  click here.

To go to Joe Biden's official website  click here.

Democratic Candidate

42nd Congressional District

Currently, there is no set schedule to text in support of Liam's campaign.  For information on how and when texting will begin, or to sign up you can call Francisco. at 760-668-7472 or email him from the link below.

To email Francisco click here.

For more information about texting for Team Abigail please reach out to Leticia via text or phone call at 442-274-7757 or email her from the link below. 

Democratic Candidate

California State Senate District 23. 

To email Leticia click here.

Democrats of SW Riverside 

PO Box 1199

Murrieta, California 92564