Thank you for being part of the next Blue Wave.

Our plan is to get involved wherever and whenever we can to make a real difference.

As the election draws near we hope to GET OUT THE VOTE, promote candidates, support issues, provide voting information, and simply do what we can.

Below you will find current activities.  This list will change over time.  Some of the activities will be ongoing and long; term others may be short duration.  


Democratic Candidate

President of the United States

We are working to put a good man back in the White House.  You can help the Biden campaign by reminding fellow Democrats to be sure to vote.  Volunteers are asked to contact voters in any of the following swing states;  Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconson. Use the link below to register for a call shift or make calls immediately to help the campaign! Directions for how  to use the calling tool are also given 

To go to Joe Biden's official website  click here.

To go to Joe Biden's official website  click here.

Democratic Candidate

42nd Congressional District

Democrats are calling on behalf of Liam on Saturdays from 1-3pm.


Callers will be using TrueTalk - an automated dialing system.  If you want to participate you will need a laptop/computer or tablet and a cellphone.  To join in, call Francisco. at 760-668-7472 or email him from the link below.

To email Francisco click here.

For a quick introduction to ThruTalk click here.

Lake Elsinore 

City Council District 5

Jorge is working to be the second Democrats on the Lake Elsinore City Council.  Mr. Lopez is  to reduce traffic congestion, strengthen fire safety and improve schools and infrastructure. But Jorge is looking forward to bring a eaching hospital that will create a labor force capable of filling higher paying local jobs, offer excellent medical care .

To make phone calls for Jorge any Thursday evening.  click here.

To make phone calls for Jorge at your convenience  click here.

Help us elect a progressive into a historically red seat by volunteering to phonebank! Thursday-Saturday. No prior experience necessary. Each shift will begin with a brief virtual training session. If you are interested in volunteering, please text or call Leticia Herrera, Volunteer Coordinator for Medina for State Senate (442)-274-7757, or email her by clicking on the link below.

Democratic Candidate

California State Senate District 23. 

To email Leticia click here.


With Ammar Campa-Najjar we are poised to send ANOTHER Democrat from California to Congress by taking Congressional District 50, the seat long held by the Hunter dynasty.  

We need a strong show of force to show that we can flip this seat. Please sign up today at this link below.

Democratic Candidate

50th Congressional District 

To sign up for this event  click here.

Democrats of SW Riverside 

PO Box 1199

Murrieta, California 92564