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We all know upon entering any organization - be it military, education, politics, or any new venture - you understand the English, but the acronyms and abbreviations can make you feel like a real noob.  I thought it might be helpful if we added a glossary to our website to help our newest members feel more welcome.  I started.  This will be like a “WikiDems” page.  Contributions will be gladly accepted.


AD         Assembly District 

The State legislature is comprised of two houses - the Assembly with 80 members and the Senate with 40 members.

CD         Congressional District

In California, district maps are drawn by an independent commission with input from the public. These boundaries are redrawn every ten years following the census. Each Congressional district is to have nearly the same population and be based around communities of interest. The districts often look more like Rorschach tests than political boundaries.

DSRC      Democrats of Southwest Riverside County

The abbreviated name for our club.

RCDP      Riverside County Democratic Party

                     The abbreviated name for the County organization.

PDI        Political Data, Inc

PDI is a service that provides the demographics by household and individuals - names, addresses, phone numbers. How many people per household are either Dem or Rep and how many times in the last X years they voted.  They also provide links for phone banking and much more.  All for a fee.

SD         Senate District

Not to be confused with our two U.S. Senators in Washington, D.C., SD refers to districts drawn for our State Senators. The State legislature is composed of two houses - the Assembly with 80 members and the Senate with 40 members. 

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