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A Democrat's best friend.  A wealth of information.  The very latest articles, and polls.  Conduct search by state, politician or issue.  A host of ways to take action.  You can even sign up for their email.  To be current and knowledgeable... click here

Fact-checking journalism is the heart of PolitiFact. Their core principles are independence, transparency, fairness, thorough reporting and clear writing. To every story, there is more than one side.  They cover it all from claims by elected officials to Facebook pundits.  Known for their rating scale from TRUE to PANTS ON FIRE, this Pulitzer winning group is well worth a look. For more information click here.

Politics Of The United States.  Political talk radio.  Political common sense discussion of today's political issues without all the hollering and screaming.  Informative and balanced.  If you have Sirius radio tune into channel 124, it is is well worth the listen.

Understand how the Left, Right and Center think differently about various issues. Browse the Red Blue Dictionary to reveal differences in perspectives on hot-button words, like climate change, racism and more. Go even deeper with balanced topics and blog.  For their website, click here.

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